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The tools you need to run your barbershop

One barber to 100, we have the software you need to manage your barbershop.

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With SalonTarget’s self check-in feature and online booking along with Me2U two-way texting, its the perfect fit for any size barbershop. SalonTarget allows you to focus on cutting hair while it runs you business.

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Full-feature Barbershop Management Software

Stay focused on your barbershop and clients.
Our tools make daily management simple:

Digital gift cards sold 24/7. Stock & custom designs. Offer promotions for eGift cards.

Smart business intelligence tools for barber shows that give them an edge to succeed.

Personalized for how you book, clients booking from their own history, no mistakes.

Using our processor, capture cards on file for booking, hands free check out, charge for no shows.

Easy streamlined way to fill the book when a cancellation occurs all via text message.

SalonTarget’s offers a variety of pay structure methods, calculate payroll with the click of a button.

Items, inventory, sales history in one place.

Text and email reminders-marketing and the Review Accelerator helps keep your clients close.

Get the tools you want to power your barbershop. Not just online booking... a total barbershop command center.

Need Help at the Front Desk?

SalonTarget has a self check-in option for your walk in business, a client can enter their phone number and select their own service. Or, a new client can enter themselves in all from an iPad, tablet, computer or Kiosk in your waiting area.

Payroll Management

SalonTarget’s payroll suite is flexible enough to fit your needs with a variety of pay structure methods including hourly, commission, pricing tiers and hourly plus commission, to calculate your payroll with the click of a button.

Make checkout a breeze

The barbershop checkout tools you need for simple & frictionless payments. Let SalonTarget do the work for you including card of file transactions.

Make it easy to get paid, taking all payment methods including Apple and Google Pay.

Build strong connections
with every client

Strong connections last. Our tools keep you in contact with your customers and your customers informed. Reminders, receipts, promotions and even a cancellation list that fills itself! Grow your relationship beyond the chair.
SalonTarget was one of the best decisions I have made! I can’t imagine the marketing effort it would have taken to fill my books today. But one targeted text message and 1/2 hour later, we were booked solid! Can’t recommend it enough!

Beautique Salon & Spa

I just wanted to thank SalonTarget! We’ve just had our biggest month and it is thanks to you guys, our mentors and our friends!

Owner – Mariposa Salon

Hi it’s Jen. I just wanted to say thank you for always taking my calls, letting me ask you questions that don’t even pertain to the software, and being a mentor to me in this business. I appreciate SalonTarget very much.

Jen LeBlanc

Owner – La Bella Hair

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