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How do I Change the Notification Type Being Sent to a Specific Client?

Selective musings on owning a salon, salon management, current trends to watch and styles we love.

Women cashing out a client at the front desk of a salon
David Masher

Keeping Loyal Clients Happy

Treating loyal clients well is essential for maintaining strong customer relationships and fostering customer loyalty. Here are some best practices for treating loyal clients: Personalization:

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Anthony Masciarelli

More Than Just Salon Software

We talk to a LOT of salon and spa owners and managers. Some are looking for their first management and online booking software, but most

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Anthony Masciarelli

5 Ways to Avoid Ransomware Attacks

As providers of salon management and online booking services, we make security a top priority. The salons and spas that use SalonTarget can rest easy

At SalonTarget, we’re building the tools you need to achieve your business goals! From award-winning Salon Management Software that makes it easy to run your business and win, while empowering your entire organization.

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