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There are two ways to open SalonTarget directly when you open Chrome.

1. Adding an Icon to Your Desktop
When you are logged in to SalonTarget simply click and drag the green lock icon in the URL area, to the desktop. The URL (link) area is at the top of the browser where is says “https://mange.salontarget.com”. The Green Lock will be to left of the URL. That’s it. Next time you need to log in just click the icon on your desktop.

2. Setting Your Start Page
While logged into SalonTarget in Chrome, click on the “Settings” icon which looks like 3 stacked lines on the top right of the browser. Go down the list and click on “Settings”. Then in the “On Startup” section select “Open a Specific page…” and then click on “Set Pages” and the “Use Current Page. Click OK and close the window. Every time you open Chrome it will go directly to the SalonTarget Login page!