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1 – Plug in the USB barcode scanner
2 – Go to Settings then to Keyboard
3 – Click on “Change Keyboard Type”
4 – You should now see a Keyboard Setup Assistant display
5 – Click “Continue”
6 – You will be asked to press a key next to the SHIFT key, because this is not a keyboard, please scan a barcode with the barcode scanner
7 – Select Keyboard Type ANSI (United States and others) and click “Done”
8 – To confirm that the USB Barcode Scanner is now associated, click on the “Modifier Keys…” button (you should see a drop-down selector under Select Keyboard). No need to do anything here, we are just confirming that you have a second “keyboard” (the barcode scanner) associated
7 – The Barcode Scanner should now work with your Macintosh