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SalonTarget - Best Practices

Hardware-Software Best Practices

If you are new to a cloud-based environment like SalonTarget®, it is imperative that you follow these practices to insure your computers run correctly and safely!

Staying Secure
Use your computer for SalonTarget® only. Going to “unfriendly” sites could infect your machine with Malware, Adware, Spyware or a Virus.

For your protection SalonTarget does not provide specific fields for you to store Credit Cards (financial information), Drivers License Numbers or Social Security Numbers. Per our Terms and Conditions, this information should not be stored anywhere, including in any note field in SalonTarget. It is highly recommended that all employees having access to SalonTarget are aware of this policy.

Only owners should have access to Modify Roles, Manage Passwords and Login Device authorization.

All roles should have an Auto Logout Time of greater than “0”. “0” means never logout. Set this under the Role.

Use Two-Step Device Authorization (Login Devices) at your salon!

Use difficult to guess passwords and protect your passwords. NOTE: If an employee leaves or is terminated, change their password under the Access tab in their Profile and remove their email address to prevent unwanted access.

Your computers should have current operating systems with updates, current Chrome browser and be modern enough to support SalonTarget® (Windows 8-10 or greater, Windows 7 is no longer supported, Mac OS-X 8 or greater, iOS 12 and Android 8).

Your monitors should be standard widescreen monitors (minimum 1,200 px wide. 1,600 px wide recommended)

Upgrade to the newest printer software version and it’s drivers (TSP Printer drivers found here)(Dymo Drivers found here)

Be sure you have adequate internet speed (average 8 mbps upload and 10 mbps download) Click here to immediately run a speed test. It takes about 30 secs, just wait.

Make sure your computer is protected with anti-virus software and all necessary security “patches” and updates, and that you know what you need to do, if anything, to keep them current. Anti-virus software usually has an auto-update feature keeping your virus protection current.

Make sure your wires (USB, Power Cords, Ethernet) are securely connected.

Clean the computers. Carefully vacuum the fan area. Keep the machines dust free and cool.

Don’t suffocate the computers, they need air to circulate around them. Do not put anything on or against them. Be sure they are not in a small closed space.

If possible use this computer for SalonTarget® only. Going to “unfriendly” sites could infect your machine with Malware, Spyware or a Virus.

Streaming content like music or videos can slow your computer down.

Use difficult to guess passwords and protect your passwords. Should an employee leave or be terminated, be sure to remove or change passwords where needed to prevent unwanted access.

Don’t install or download unknown or unsolicited programs to your computer.

Be very careful when using download managers or helpers. They may make downloading files quicker and easier, but they can also download malware in the background. Again only use this computer for SalonTarget® if possible.

If you have to use this computer for email do not open an e-mail attachment if you are not absolutely sure what it contains.

Never click a non-SalonTarget® pop-up. These are usually spyware. No matter how normal a pop-up may appear, close non-SalonTarget® pop-ups right away.

Beware of phishing schemes, these are spoofed e-mails and fraudulent websites made to trick users into giving up personal data such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, etc.

Targeted Email Best Practices

Sending Email – CAN-SPAM POLICY

If you are going to send email marketing, you must understand the CAN-SPAM Act.
The CAN-SPAM Act applies to any email message where the primary purpose is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a product or service, including email that promotes a commercial website.
This does not include confirmations, email receipts, reminders, etc, which are considered transactional emails.


Here are some things you can do so your business-related emails are legally compliant:
Send your email to permission-based lists only.

Provide a way for your list subscribers to opt out permanently. SalonTarget® provides a link in the email for this.

If a client opts out, do not opt them back in. This is your responsibility as a salon owner.

Keep your opt-out process simple and don’t charge money or ask for additional information to opt out. SalonTarget® provides a link in the email for this.

Don’t pay people or give them incentives to forward your e-mails. This is your responsibility as a salon owner.

Make sure your email includes your physical address. SalonTarget® adds this to your emails.

Don’t mislead your audience with your From line or email address. SalonTarget® takes care of this.

Make sure your email Subject line is honest about the content of the email. This is your responsibility as a salon owner.

Make sure your email clearly states that the email is a solicitation (advertisement) unless you have affirmative consent to send to your clients. This is your responsibility as a salon owner.

Don’t give, sell or otherwise transfer your client’s e-mail addresses to any other party for any reason. 
This is your responsibility as a salon owner.

We suggest you take five minutes and have a look at the CAN-SPAM Act by clicking this link: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Book an Appointment by Using the Client’s Name?

1. From the Queue or Appointment Book, type in the first few letters of the client’s first and last name in the search fields. Click their name.

2. Under “Past Reservations”, click “Rebook” to the right of the most recent appointment OR to the right of the exact appointment you are booking.

3. If the appointment cannot be rebooked exactly, hit the red “X” to the right of the service to delete it and then choose the correct service from the green bar that says “View All Services”

4. Choose the date you are booking for at the bottom of the screen and then choose your time.

5. Click “Book Now as Request” or “Book Now as Non-Request”

How do I Change or Reschedule an Appointment?

1. From the Queue or Appointment Book, type in the first few letters of the client’s first and last name. Click their name.

2. In their client profile under Future Reservations, click on the service name. (Example: click on the words One Process Color). This will bring you to the modify screen. On the modify screen, you can change the service, date, length of time, etc on the left side of the screen.

3. You can then change the time of the service by clicking on the time on the right side of the screen.

How do I Cancel an Appointment

1. From the Queue or Appointment Book, type in the first few letters of the client’s first and last name into the search box. Click their name.

2. From the client profile, click on the second tab “Appointments”

3. Find the appointment your client would like to cancel. Click “Cancel” on the right-hand side to cancel the appointment.

How can I See Which Employee has Modified an Appointment?

There are two ways. The easiest way is to click on the appointment in the appointment book and then click the Modify button in the appointment pop-up. This takes you to the modify page. At the bottom of this page there will be an audit history showing any modifications made to this appointment. The second way is to run the Appointment Book Audit Report, found under The Reports Icon.

How can I Print an Appointment Book Page in Color?

In the appointment book, choose the day you want to print. Press Control and P together to display the print window (Command and P on a Mac). You could also go to the “File” menu and then choose “Print”. When the Print window is displayed, be sure the check box named “Background Colors and Images” is selected. If you are on a Mac click “More Settings” and then select the check box titled “Background Graphics”.


View Sales Report – Liabilities

The View Sales Report is accessed by clicking on an icon found in the main navigation at the top of your screen.
This report contains a data point called “Liabilities”. Liabilities are the amount of monies not collected for a service or product. For example, if you sell a gift card for $80 but the value is set to $100 it would be a $20 liability. Another example would be if a client puts a Product or Service “On Account”. To view a specific Client’s On Account balance (liabilities or credits), refer to the Client Account Details Report.

What is the difference between Average sales per Service and Average sales per Client in reports?

Average sales per service is an average of individual services. This is the number of services divided by the total revenue. For example 10 services that totaled $440 would be an average of $44.00 per service. 10 (services) divided by $440.00 = $44.00 average per service.

Average sales per client is the average of what each client spends. This number is the total revenue divided by the number of clients serviced. For example if you had 12 clients that spent a total of $1,500.00, the average sales per client would be $125. 12 (clients) divided by $1,500.00 = $125 average per client.

Do I have to Check off View Reports in Roles to see all reports Selected?

Yes, all reports have a role attribute attached to them. This allows you to tailor which employees have access to a specific Report.

How can I View the Live Today’s Statistics Visual?

Simply click on the Company icon in the main navigation, then click the “Today’s Statistics” tab.

When I Try to View Sales SalonTarget Says I Need an Employee Code?

This happens because your role requires you to enter your code. The role attribute to control this is “View Sales – Require Employee Code”. If you uncheck this attribute SalonTarget will not require you to enter your password to View Sales. The attribute “View Sales” must also be checked. To set the employee code click on the Company icon, then the Employees Tab, then the Employee. Next click the “Access” tab. Once there, enter the code in the field called “Password for Touch Screen, Employee Code and View Sales”.

How do I Find Out what Products Each Stylist Sold in any Month?

The Retail Sales Activity Report contains this information. You can also filter by date, product line, item code and/or provider.

What Report Shows Sales for a Particular Service?

The Detail Services Report contains this information. It can also be filtered by date range and/or employee.

Can I Add Today’s Statistics to the Backbar Role without Changing Anything Else?

Yes, you would need to activate the role attribute under the BackBar Role, role settings. To do this edit the BackBar role and activate the attribute called “Today’s Statistics” it is found under the Reports section.


Why can’t I Cash Out with a Zero Balance

SalonTarget allows you to cash out with a zero balance, so here is the issue:
When cashing out a transaction with a zero balance a pop-up alert will be displayed asking if you want to continue. The second time you cash out a transaction with a zero balance the same pop-up alert appears but this time Chrome gives you the option to “Prevent this page from creating additional pop-ups”. If this has been checked, the next time you try to cash out a transaction with a zero balance you will not be able to. Clicking the cash out button will do nothing. This is a known issue with how SalonTarget interacts with the browser. We are working on a fix for it.

To cash out a transaction with a zero balance if you experience this problem there are two solutions:
1. Quit Chrome completely and reopen. Then cash the sale out normally.
2. Close your current window and simply open an “Incognito window”, this can be found under Chrome Settings in the top right of your browser. Then cash the sale out normally.

How do I Charge a Balance to a Client’s Account?

1. From the sales screen choose On Account in the second drop down in the payment section of the page.
2. Enter the amount you wish to add to the client’s On Account balance in the “Redeem On Account” field.
3. Click Cash Out Transaction. If you now go to the client’s profile you will see they have an account balance due highlighted red on the left side of the page.

How do I Pay Down a Client’s Balance or Add Money to the Client’s Account?
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How do I Access My Monthly Statement from Bluefin?

Please refer to the account information you received from Bluefin. You can also contact them at 800-675-6573, extension 4 or email service@bluefin.com.

How do I Enter a Sale of a Gift Card?
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What do the Credit Card Processing Error Codes Mean?

NOTE: If you are having issue processing Credit/Debit Cards please contact:
Blue Fin Payments:. PHONE: 800-675-6573 Option 2; EMAIL: service@bluefin.com

Bank Authorization Responses:
Some banks may return authorization responses which do not clearly state the nature of the response. Below are the obvious, and not so obvious, responses we have on file:

ACCT FROZEN = Account frozen, cannot transfer funds
APPROVED = Transaction authorized
CALL 01 = Refer to issuer
CALL 02 = Refer to issuer, special condition
NO REPLY 28 = File is temporarily unavailable
NO REPLY 91 = Issuer switch is unavailable
HOLD-CALL 04 = Pick up card
HOLD-CALL 07 = Pick up card, special condition
HOLD-CALL 41 = Pick up card, lost
HOLD-CALL 43 = Pick up card, stolen
ACCT LENGTH ERR = EA Verification error
ALREADY REVERSED 79 = Already reversed at switch
AMOUNT ERROR 13 = Invalid Amount
CANT VERIFY PIN 83 = Cannot verify PIN
CANT VERIFY PIN 86 = Cannot verify PIN
CARD NO. ERROR 14 = Invalid card number
CASHBACK NOT APP 82 = Cashback limit exceeded
CASHBACK NOT AVL N3 = Cashback service not available
CHECK DIGIT ERR = EB Verification error
CID FORMAT ERROR = EC Verification error
CVV2 MISMATCH N7 = CVV2 data does not match
DATE ERROR 80 = Invalid Date
DECLINE 02 = Force Transaction with Voice Authorization
DECLINE 05 = Do not honor
DECLINE 51 = Insufficient funds
DECLINE N4 = Exceeds issuer withdrawal limit
DECLINE 61 = Exceeds withdrawal limit
DECLINE 62 = Invalid service code, restricted
DECLINE 65 = Activity limit exceeded
DECLINE 93 = Violation, cannot complete
DECLINE AVS 06 = Denied for AVS
ENCRYPTION ERROR 81 = Cryptographic error
ERROR CODE 98 = Unknown Error
EXPIRED CARD 54 = Expired card
FAILURE CV = Card Type Verification Error (Card Type not accepted)
Failure HV = Configuration error when your account was created
GENERAL ERROR 98 = Potentially NULL value passed, experienced when CVV2 left blank
INV MERCH NUM 19 = Invalid Merchant ID
Invalid Account Number = Invalid account number length or format
INVALID BANK ACT = Invalid bank account
INVALID ROUTING 92 = Destination not found
INVALID TRANS 12 = Invalid transaction (may be invalid account #)
NO ACCOUNT 78 = No account
No Acct/Cannot Locate = No account exists
NO ACTION TAKEN 21 = Unable to back out transaction
NO ACTION TAKEN 76 = Unable to locate, no match
NO ACTION TAKEN 77 = Inconsistent data, reversal or repeat
NO CHECK ACCOUNT 52 = No checking account
NO CREDIT ACCT 39 = No credit account
NO SAVE ACCOUNT 53 = No savings account
NO SUCH ISSUER 15 = No such issuer
OFFLINE RETURN = Refund of check or credit transaction
PIN EXCEEDED 75 = PIN tries exceeded
RE ENTER 19 = Re-enter transaction
SEC VIOLATION 63 = Security violation
SERV NOT ALLOWED 57 = Transaction not permitted – card
SERV NOT ALLOWED 58 = Transaction not permitted – term
SYSTEM ERROR 96 = System malfunction
TERM ID ERROR 03 = Invalid Merchant ID
WRONG PIN 55 = Incorrect PIN
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX = Undefined response

Notifications & Marketing

How do I Change the Content of an Email or Text Message?

Email and Text Message Notifications can be edited to suit the needs of your salon. Simply click on the Notifications Icon at the top of the page, then click the wrench and screwdriver Icon in the row of the Notification you want to change (it is on the right, in the options column). Once clicked, it opens the editor for that Notification. Here you can change the wording of an email or text message.

You can also add a Survey or Incentive if you have created them. One thing to note, within the wording of these Notifications you will see something we call “Short Codes”. Short Codes are two words with an underscore between them, like this: “client_firstname”. These are used to pull specific information into your Notification, in this example, the client’s first name. Another example is “salon_name”, again this will pull your salon name into the notification. There are examples of Short Codes on the righthand side of the page when you are editing.

How do I Publish Reviews to My Website?

SalonTarget provides two ways to do this:
1. We give you a link (URL) that you can place anywhere. This link is to a page that will display all the reviews that have been approved.
2. We provide a small line of Embed Code that can be embedded, by your webmaster on to your site.
Both of these can be found by clicking on “Marketing”, then clicking on the “Reviews” tab. The link, Embed Code and an example of how it will look are at the bottom of the page.

How do I Change the Notification Type Being Sent to a Specific Client?

SalonTarget can send two types of notifications, email and text (SMS) and three types of appointment confirmations: email, text (SMS) and voice. You set your company default under the Marketing Icon and then select the Set Up tab. These settings will effect any client that did not request an alternate type of notification or confirmation. If a client wishes to receive something other than your company defaults, they can be set specifically for each client within their profile. To set a notification or confirmation type for a specific client go to the Client Icon, then select the client. Select the Modify Profile Tab and look for the drop down selectors titled Notification and Confirmation.

Why does SalonTarget Automated Phone Confirmation Mis-pronounce the Name of my Salon?

If you use automated phone confirmation and the name of your salon has unique or non-English spelling, SalonTarget may have difficulty pronouncing it correctly. To compensate for this SalonTarget allows you to phonetically spell your salon name in the Company Name Pronunciation field. This can be found under the Marketing icon and then under the Setup tab. Use this field to spell the salon name phonetically. You can call the “Text/Voice Number” directly above it the hear how it sounds and adjust it if necessary. If this field is left blank, SalonTarget will pronounce the salon’s name as it is entered on the company profile page.

A Client has Stopped Getting Confirmation Emails, Why?

There are many possibly reason for this. Is their email address different from what is in SalonTarget? Did they block or tag an email from your salon as spam? Is their mailbox full? Are the client’s notification settings in SalonTarget correct?

Can a Client Text Back after Receiving the 2-Hour Before ServiceText?

No, this is just a reminder. Clients should call the salon if they have a concern. You would not want them to use this as a means to cancel an appointment.

Can we Setup a Whole New Notification to Send Out to All Client’s?

You can send a mass mailing through the targeted mailing system within SalonTarget. However we do not recommend emailing all clients. It is best to target the ones most interested in the message you are sending.

After I Send a Targeted Email it says “0” has been Sent Out?

Once you click the send button, SalonTarget puts these emails into our email queue. They will be sent ASAP but always with in 12 hours. SalonTarget manages how quickly we send your emails as to prevent email delivery systems (ISPs) from being overloaded and blocking your emails.

How do we Send Out Weekly Newsletters?

You could do this through the Targeted Email section of SalonTarget. Simply create your email, target your client list and click send. The next week duplicate the email, update the content and send again. There is no reason to create it from scratch every time.

How Do I Setup Loyalty Point’s Parameters?
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Employee Setup

How do I Change a Role for an Employee?

You must be logged in as “Owner” or a user with the correct access to modify a role. Click on the Company Icon, then the Employee Tab. Choose the employee and select the Modify Profile Tab. Look for the drop down selector titled “Role”. It is recommended that you log out and then log back in to be sure this role is updated. Some browsers will save (Cache) the old settings and this will insure the role is updated. If you receive an “Access Denied” message it is best to quit Google Chrome and restart.

Where do I Find the Login for Employee Schedule View?
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How do I Create a Purchase Order?

There are 2 ways to create Product Purchase Orders in SalonTarget (ST). One method utilizes a “usage calculation” to determine Maximum target inventory levels and a secondary method utilizes a “fixed” inventory target level.

In the Company-POS Setup area of SalonTarget, there are 2 fields used in Purchase Order Generation, Target Max Stock Level in Days and Target Min Stock Level in Days.

Target Max Stock Level in Days – This field will determine the upper end of what a salon would want for stock levels. In other words, if the salon wants 5 weeks worth of product on the shelf at all times…the user would set this field to 35 (35 days = 5 weeks)
The advantage of using this method to determine an upper range is that you are letting actual usage (or sales) drive what products your salon is ultimately carrying on the shelf. In other words, your highest selling products would be stocked at higher levels than your slow movers.
This method utilizes the principle of 80/20 whereby 80% of your sales are driven by 20% of your items.

Target Min Stock Level in Days – This field is only used for “informational” purposes on actual purchase order. In other words, a theoretical “minimum” level can be seen by the user in terms of usage. Many salons find it helpful in knowing how many actual items sold in the last 2 weeks. If that is the case, the user would set this field to 14 (14 days = 2 weeks). This value DOES NOT impact the calculation of what the salon “should order”. It is just used for display.

Ordering Products Based on What Actually Sells (80/20)

In order to create Purchase Orders using this method, the user should set the Target Max Stock Level in Days to 35 Days and set the Target Min Stock Level in Days to 14 Days.

When the user generates the Purchase order, SalonTarget will determine how much of each item sold for the last 5 weeks (Max Target) and match that number up against the Quantity on hand. If the calculated Max Target exceeds the Quantity on-hand, SalonTarget will set the “Should Order” value to Max Target less Quantity on-hand. For Example: Max Target = 24, Quantity On hand = 5, Should Order will be set to 19.

Ordering Products Based on a Fixed Amount

Some salons find it easier to just set a “fixed” amount for each product and have the software simply match the fixed amount to the Quantity on hand to determine what to order. This is referred to as a Simple Order Point Method of product ordering.
If the user wishes to use this method, the user should set the Target Max Stock Level in Days to 1 Day and set the Target Min Stock Level in Days to 1 Day.
Then for each product in the system, the user would set a field called “Keep on Hand”. The “Keep on hand” field is located on the Modify Product or Add New Product pages of SalonTarget under Products.

When the user generates the Purchase order, SalonTarget will match that number “Keep on Hand” up against the Quantity on hand. If the “Keep on Hand” exceeds the Quantity on-hand, SalonTarget will set the “Should Order” value to “Keep on Hand” less Quantity on-hand.

For Example: Keep on Hand = 6, Quantity On hand = 3, Should Order will be set to 3.

With SalonTarget, the salon owner has two choices on how they want to order inventory for their salon.

When I Click on the Email Icon in Purchase Orders Nothing Happens?

This icon is used to send your purchase oder to your supplier. It can only work if you have an email address added to the supplier profile page. To add an email address Click on the Products icon and then the Suppliers tab and finally click Modify in the row of the supplier.
There are three email icons:
Green – PO email has been sent to supplier
Blue – PO email has not been sent to the supplier
Red – there is no email on account for this supplier


Why are Some Employee Cost Deductions not Showing up in Payroll?

If SalonTarget imported your data from another software program, in most cases we can’t look at this retroactively.

An Employee is not Showing up When I Run Payroll?

It is most likely because you have not set up their payroll yet. This can be done in their Employee Profile under the Payroll tab.


Anti-Virus Software and USB Devices (credit card swipers, printers, etc)

SalonTarget suggests everyone use anti-virus software and keep it up to date. However, some anti-virus software may interfere with USB devices connected to you computer. These could include credit card swipers, printers, signature pads, etc. Understanding how to configure your anti-virus software correctly will insure that your system stays safe from viruses and at the same time, allows your USB devices to operate normally. Should you have issues with devices connected through the UBS ports please review your anti-virus setting for USB devices. If you are not sure how to correctly configure your anti-virus software please call the software manufacturer. Most anti-virus software performs automatic updates which could cause a device that operates normally one day to fail the next for seemingly no apparent reason. Common error messages may include “Could not read card data please retry” or “Dymo printer not connected”.

Where do I Find the Login for Employee Schedule View?
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Why is SalonTarget® Acting Strange?

Completely quit Google Chrome, don’t just close the browser window, but quit the application. Make sure you only have one user with the same login and password logged in at a time.

Why Can’t I Access a Certain Feature or Function?
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I am an Owner and Have Lost My Password. Can You Tell Me what it is?
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Why Can’t I Book an Appointment?
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Why is SalonTarget Not Available?

1. Try browsing to another site like www.google.com and see if it is available. If it is not, your internet connection may be down.
2. Quit Chrome. On Microsoft Windows Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select Exit to close all open tabs and windows. The Chrome menu looks like 3 stacked dashes on the top right of the window. On a Macintosh: From the “Chrome” drop down menu at the top of the screen choose “Quit Google Chrome”. Do not just close the browser window.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Turn off your computer and restart your router. Wait 2 minutes. After the router has restarted, restart your computer and then launch Google Chrome.

When I Manually Enter a Credit Card Number it Fails, Why?

There are a few reasons, however the two most common are:
1. You must be sure you are using the keypad on the credit card swiper, not the computer keyboard to type in the number
2. There could be an issue with the card holders account. In the second case call customer support for your merchant account.

Printer or Signature Pad not Working Correctly?

The first thing to try is unplugging the power from the printer, wait one minute and then plug it back in. Be sure you have the latest drivers for these devices. You can find them at the manufacturers website. Don’t assume the software that comes in the box is the latest.
Dymo Printer Software: http://www.dymo.com/en-US/dymo-user-guides
Steps to check to see if you have latest DYMO printer:
– Start DYMO Label v8.x.x software that came with your Dymo
– Click “Help” then “Check for Updates”
When you have the latest software installed a popup should say “No new software updates found. Your software is up to date.”
For some models of the 450 line there is a correction for them. Check the serial number and see if it is affected at: http://lwfix.dymo.com/EN/index.html.

Make sure you have the correct paper size and orientation selected in the printer pop up window.

Google Chrome Version 45 or greater. You should always run the latest version of Google Chrome. To see what version of Chrome you have click on Chrome from the Google Chrome menu bar and choose About to see the version number. (If you are somehow using an unsupported version earlier that 45, you can try to enable the NPAPI Plugin. To do this enter the following URL into Chrome’s address bar chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and on the page that is displayed look Enable NPAPI. Click Enable. Then completely restart Chrome after enabling NPAPI.)

Print pop up is stuck on “Loading Preview”. You most likely have a Malware or Adware extension in Chrome that should not be there. Go to Chrome Settings, then click on Extensions. Look around for anything that looks weird to you. A few known problem extensions are “Shoppi”, and “Lasaoren”. A program called “Slimware Update” can also be a problem. If you have this remove it by going to Programs then Remove Program. Highlight Slimware and remove it and restart your computer. Here is a list of common malware extensions. Here is a list of common adware extensions. These should be removed from the Extensions list in Chrome. Once removed, completely restart Chrome. All pages, tabs windows of Chrome need to be closed in order to restart. One symptom of malware or adware are popups that only appear when you are using Chrome. This can slide up from the bottom or in from the side. There are programs you can purchase to remove these from your computer. One we like is called SpyBot.

Starmicronic TSP 100 Printer Software: http://www.starmicronics.com/printer/thermal_printers/tsp100

Topaz Signature Pad Software: http://www.topazsystems.com/kioskgem1x5.html


How to Open SalonTarget with One Click?

There are two ways to open SalonTarget directly when you open Chrome.

1. Adding an Icon to Your Desktop
When you are logged in to SalonTarget simply click and drag the green lock icon in the URL area, to the desktop. The URL (link) area is at the top of the browser where is says “https://mange.salontarget.com”. The Green Lock will be to left of the URL. That’s it. Next time you need to log in just click the icon on your desktop.

2. Setting Your Start Page
While logged into SalonTarget in Chrome, click on the “Settings” icon which looks like 3 stacked lines on the top right of the browser. Go down the list and click on “Settings”. Then in the “On Startup” section select “Open a Specific page…” and then click on “Set Pages” and the “Use Current Page. Click OK and close the window. Every time you open Chrome it will go directly to the SalonTarget Login page!

Can I Use an iPhone as a HotSpot?

Yes, if your Internet connection is down, you may be able to use your iPhone as a Hotspot and reconnect SalonTarget to the cloud. Your computer must be Wifi enabled for this to work.

Here is how to create a Hotspot with an iPhone:
1. On the iPhone click Settings
2. Click Personal Hotspot and turn it on
3. Set a password
4. On your computer go to Networks and simply choose your iPhone and enter the password!
Remember to turn off the Hotspot when you finish as data charges may apply

Configuring a Cash Drawer with The Star TSP Printer

Should you need a cash drawer, SalonTarget can be used with a Star TSP 100 printer and it’s ability to control a cash drawer. Click here for Instructions