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Cost Effective Pricing Plans


Everything you need for the daily operation of your business to thrive. Keep it simple but effective!

Based on Number of Employees

$ 99
99 /Monthly
Starting at
  • Standard Booking and Management Features
  • Text and Email Notifications
  • Online Booking & eGiftCards
  • Card on File/Card Pre-Authorization
  • Auto-fill Cancellation List
  • See Feature List Below

Enterprise Add-Ons

A full suite of marketing tools and customized consulting to helps you realize your goals.

Priced by Feature Set

Custom Add-Ons to Professional Plan. Billed Monthly
  • Two-Way Texting in the Application
  • Employee Alerts/Notifications
  • Remote Receptionist
  • Text Marketing
  • Multi-location
  • Consulting

Plan Features

At SalonTarget, we know that your trust is earned, which is why we’re committed to providing our customers with open communication, honest feedback, and complete transparency in everything we do. To that end, here is how the major features of SalonTarget align with the plan that you choose.





Booking from History X
Efficient Automated Multi-Service Booking X
Multi-Staff Appointments X
Processing, Finishing, and Gap Time X
Auto-Fill Cancellation List X
Self Check-in & Self Walk-in Booking X
Customizable Online Booking X
Colorized Booking Groups X
Room Scheduling X
Resource Scheduling X
Text, Email, Voice Confirmations X
Same-day Text Reminders X
Tip management X
Separate Tips Per Providers (Multi-Provider Appointments) X
Customizable Receipts X
Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, Location Maps, Yelp!, and Twitter integration X

Client Management

Client Dashboard Control Center X
De-Duplication and Client Merge  X
Client Service Adjustments X
Client Service Up Charges X
Client Profile Tagging X
Client Status (First-time, New, Base, Returning, Lost, Seasonal) X
On Account Transactions X
Memberships X
Series X
Packages X
Integrated Two-Way Text Messaging X
Remote Receptionist X

Inventory Management

Product Dashboards X
Automated Intelligent Inventory Control X
Purchase Order Management (Send/Receive/Backbar/Transfer/Back Order) X
Compatible with Barcode Scanners X
Product Groups X
Related Products X
Targeted Products X
Product Specific Promotions with Expiration X
Product Specific Discounts with Expiration X


Customizable Email Design X
Targeted Email Campaigns X
Offers & Promotions X
Appointment Reviews X
Loyalty Program X
Online Client Portal  X
Text Marketing  X

Integrated Payment Processing

Swipe, Tap, Chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Keyed Payment Types X
Credit Card on File X
Credit Card Pre-Authorization X
No-show Fees X
Tip Only Sales X
Auto Batching X
Customizable Cash Draw X
Cash Payments Management X
Text, Email, and Printed Receipts X
Discounts, Promotions, and Price Overrides X
Customizable eGift Cards X
Gift Cards X
Group Checkout X
Multi-Payment Type Transactions X
Voids, Refunds & Partial Refunds X
Receipt Printer Support and Customization X

Employee Management

Employee Dashbaords X
Timeclock X
Employee Scheduling X
Employee Scheduling Exceptions X
Provider-Specific Prices and Durations X
Employee Roles, Permissions, Two-Factor Authentication, and Biometric Access X
Multiple Payroll Types (Hourly, Commission, Tiered, etc) X
Employee Mobile Interface X
Off-Floor Management X
Internal Messaging X
Business Consulting  X

Business Intelligence

Standard Reports X
Customized/Targeted Reports X
Email Reports X
Gift Card Liability Tracking X
Integrated Credit Card Processing Reports X
“At-A-Glance” Reporting X
Visual Data Displays X

Boutique Services

Live Support  X
Dedicated Customer Success Manager  X
Service Level Agreement X
Marketing Consulting X
Business Consulting X
Support For Your Webmaster X
Web Design Services X