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Salon Management Software

An intuitive dashboard driven interface and integrated business intelligence makes sure everything you need is only a click away in SalonTarget Software.

The Day-to-Day of salon management... We got that!

Designed by salon owners who understand not only your needs, but how our salon management software features can make your business run more smoothly and be more successful. 

SalonTarget's Stats at a glance interface

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Introducing ANSWER by SalonTarget

Your solution to front desk traffic jams!

Are you missing calls, stressed over potential appointments slipping through the cracks, or struggling to afford a full-time receptionist? ANSWER by SalonTarget has you covered. Our remote receptionist service allows your front desk staff to focus on in-person customers, providing uninterrupted platinum-level customer service. Never miss a call again with our live agent interaction. From handling appointments to text marketing and driving sales, our service ensures your salon’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of satisfied salon owners who’ve experienced the transformative power of ANSWER. Get started today and revolutionize your salon’s customer service.

The SalonTarget Difference - Access Control

Access Control – As an owner you decide who has access to SalonTarget using Two-Factor Authentication. Limit your employee’s access to specific areas of the software by creating and assigning roles! There is no limit to the number of roles you can create or devices you can authenticate. Safety is now simple!

Management Made Easy - The Queue

Quickly glimpse who is coming in, who has arrived, who is in service and who has checked out. Did they book online, do they have a past due balance or products in their shopping cart? What about memberships or are do they have a series? Need to text them, no worries. It’s the command center for your business.

Booking Without Mistakes

Booking has never been simpler. SalonTarget guides you through booking every appointment efficiently and correctly. Automated cancellation lists that notifies clients, customizable service series, standing appointments, memberships and automated confirmation lists are all here to make your life easier and your business run smoother. SalonTarget can even track employee productivity on the book. Schedule multiple appointments, allow over booking or drag and drop appointments are just a few of the many features included.

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Here, let’s break down the real-world benefits for salon owners:


Considerably reduce no-shows! SalonTarget uses Text, Email and Voice notifications to be sure we confirm your client’s appointment. We also have client Same-day text messaging reminders just in case! You can use our confirmation or our bounced email lists to be sure everyone has been contacted. Set the salon’s preferred contact method or override it with your client’s choice.


Simple and intuitive, transactions flow from start to finish saving you time yet preventing errors. Services, retail, gift cards and tips, all on one screen and based on your access, edits and voids/refunds are a click away. To make your life simpler SalonTarget® even allows you to update client info and view service history, retail history and future appointments right from the transaction screen.

Auto-Book Cancelation List

Features including front desk alerts when an opening occurs and can be filled. The ability to text your clients and have them book the appointment from their phone. Allowing more time for your client to respond to the alert, if they decline or do not respond, the next client in line will be notified of the opening. It is simple, intuitive, keeps your clients happy and fills your book.


Whether it is a quick glance at today’s stats or a deep dive into full reports, SalonTarget has you covered. We love data and we know how to use it to make your business grow. Our report engine is fast and flexible, allowing customization where you need it most and helping you make the right decisions for your business


The product dashboard contains product information and its purchase history. You can tag related products or product groups, to be recommended to clients with common haircare needs at checkout or online. From this page you can also manage the products inventory. SalonTarget® helps you curate manufacturer’s product to keep your inventory up-to-date.

Explore More Features

Easy gift cards for digital & real-world.

Make it easy to book online, mobile, in-person.

View and manage your calendar schedule.

Tools to make gift cards easy.

Track client history, info, and more!

Checkout in-store, online; Visa, more!

Items, inventory, sales history in one place.

Text messaging, email reminders.

We are making it easier for your business to succeed.

SalonTarget was one of the best decisions I have made! I can’t imagine the marketing effort it would have taken to fill my books today. But one targeted text message and 1/2 hour later, we were booked solid! Can’t recommend it enough!

Beautique Salon & Spa

I just wanted to thank SalonTarget! We’ve just had our biggest month and it is thanks to you guys, our mentors and our friends!

Owner – Mariposa Salon

Hi it’s Jen. I just wanted to say thank you for always taking my calls, letting me ask you questions that don’t even pertain to the software, and being a mentor to me in this business. I appreciate SalonTarget very much.

Jen LeBlanc

Owner – La Bella Hair

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