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Integrated Payment Processing

Accept credit cards, checks, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. This is so easy! Why manage two systems?

Secure Affordable Payments with

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SalonTarget is partnered with Bluefin Payment Systems, the leading provider of secure payment technology. We guarantee to match or beat your current credit card processing rate. This includes eGift cards, preauthorizing credit cards before booking, billing no shows, etc.
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Payments: Security Comes First

SalonTarget and Bluefin provide your business and your clients a robust, convenient and secure way to accept counter-top and online payments – all within the SalonTarget software platform. PCI-validated point-to-point encryption greatly reduces compliance questionnaire saving you money and unneeded frustration.

Make checkout a breeze

100% Integrated Solution: Processed payments are automatically added to your nightly cash drawer, saving time and preventing human error.

Superior Processing: Make a sale from any PC or MAC connected to the Internet, any time, using our simple web interface.

All Payment Types: Process credit/debit cards, ecommerce, and recurring billing.

PCI Scope Reduction: Only PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions allow your business to reduce PCI scope down to the 33 question P2PE annual questionnaire.

Highest Level of Security: Bluefin is a PCI-DSS compliant payment provider. Our security suite, which includes tokenization and point-to-point encryption, helps eliminate the need for salons to handle or store any sensitive cardholder data. PCI P2PE certified devices are more secure and are designed to detect tampering. If malicious activity is detected, the device is automatically deactivated, preventing a breach at the point of entry device.

One-on-One Customer Support: Your questions are answered quickly and directly by one of our in-house Bluefin team members.

Build strong connections
with every client

Bluefin’s patented P2PE Manager is a 100% online system offering merchants an easy-to-use tool to administer their P2PE transaction activities and ensure compliance that will allow your business to get the full benefits of PCI-validated P2PE scope reduction.

The P2PE Manager enables Bluefin clients to monitor the complete lifecycle of a payment device. This includes key injection, device shipping and tracking for chain-of-custody, device state and attestation management, and a record of every decryption performed by every device.

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Integrated Processing Must-Haves

Unleash the power of SalonTarget’s integrated processing.

  • Selling eGift Cards from your online booking portal
  • Pre-authorizing credit card for large transaction, online booking or reducing front desk traffic during checkout
  • Billing for No-Shows
SalonTarget, with Bluefin’s integrated payment processing, simplifies your day to day business process. This includes transaction reporting in one place, managing all payment types and their history in the client profile, viewing card changes, knowing who’s cards are about to expire, balancing your cash drawer, and many others.

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Seriously awesome tools for nail salons.

Make it easy to book online, mobile, in-person.

View and manage your calendar schedule.

Simple eGift cards for online & real-world.

Track client history, info, and more!

Checkout in-store, online; Visa, more!

Items, inventory, sales history in one place.

Text messaging, email reminders.

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SalonTarget was one of the best decisions I have made! I can’t imagine the marketing effort it would have taken to fill my books today. But one targeted text message and 1/2 hour later, we were booked solid! Can’t recommend it enough!

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I just wanted to thank SalonTarget! We’ve just had our biggest month and it is thanks to you guys, our mentors and our friends!

Owner – Mariposa Salon

Hi it’s Jen. I just wanted to say thank you for always taking my calls, letting me ask you questions that don’t even pertain to the software, and being a mentor to me in this business. I appreciate SalonTarget very much.

Jen LeBlanc

Owner – La Bella Hair

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