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Reporting tools that make a difference

Measure, report, and empower your business.

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Whether it is a quick glance at today’s stats  or a deep dive into full reports, SalonTarget has you covered. Knowledge is power, and understanding your business by the numbers is key to being successful and profitable.

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Ready to empower your salon with data insights to grow your business?

Salon Reports - How it Works

We love data and we know how to use it to make your business grow. Our report engine is fast and flexible, allowing customization where you need it most!

Knowledge is Power

We know how busy owners are. That is why SalonTarget includes a robust suite of business intelligence reports that surface data and spot trends for you. Our dashboard driven interface alerts you to just-in-time information. For example does a client owe you money, do they no show, or is their email address incorrect.

Want to dive into the data yourself? Awesome. SalonTarget has functional reporting based on data you are familiar with and need to run your business.

Know the Past - See the Future

Most reporting shows historical information and then you need to determine what to do with that data. SalonTarget takes that historical data and predicts the future needs of your business based on current trends and your business needs.

Discover what makes SalonTarget different and how it works for your business.

Here, let’s break down the real-world benefits of salon reporting:

SalonTarget gives you more than 50 reports at your fingertips. They are simple to understand and designed with your business in mind.

Here are a few examples:

  • Stylist Tracking Report
  • Appointment Book Audit Report
  • Future Appointments
  • Weekly Recap Analysis
  • Year at a Glance
  • Salon Activity Trends
  • Today’s Stats

 SalonTarget makes it easy for you to stay informed. Allowing you to grow your business the right way.

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Seriously awesome tools for nail salons.

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Simple eGift cards for online & real-world.

Checkout in-store, online; Visa, more!

Items, inventory, sales history in one place.

Text messaging, email reminders.

We are making it easier for your business to succeed.

SalonTarget was one of the best decisions I have made! I can’t imagine the marketing effort it would have taken to fill my books today. But one targeted text message and 1/2 hour later, we were booked solid! Can’t recommend it enough!

Beautique Salon & Spa

I just wanted to thank SalonTarget! We’ve just had our biggest month and it is thanks to you guys, our mentors and our friends!

Owner – Mariposa Salon

Hi it’s Jen. I just wanted to say thank you for always taking my calls, letting me ask you questions that don’t even pertain to the software, and being a mentor to me in this business. I appreciate SalonTarget very much.

Jen LeBlanc

Owner – La Bella Hair

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