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SalonTarget Keeps You Safe With Cutting Edge Salon Security Features

How about those gas prices?

As you probably heard, they’re largely a result of a ransomware attack that shut down Colonial Pipeline for days, causing both a shortage and a frantic rush by consumers to fill up.

What does this have to do with SalonTarget?

As a cloud-based salon management and online booking service, SalonTarget makes salon security a top priority.

We employ the latest features and best practices to keep our client’s data safe not only from the kinds of attacks that shut down Colonial Pipeline, but also the more common security compromises that can plague small businesses and individuals.

Two-Factor Authentication (Login Devices)

Our two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your SalonTarget dashboard – even if someone knows your password.

Assignment of Roles

The SalonTarget system allows you as the business owner to assign roles within the system to each of your employees based on the level of access that they require.

A manager, for example, will be assigned a role that grants them greater access to some of the most sensitive business information stored within the system.

A stylist, on the other hand, will be assigned a role that grants them access to their calendar and booking information.

When used properly, SalonTarget’s suite of security features will keep you and your business safe.

Password Difficulty

Long gone are the days when “sarah123” or “password” are acceptable passwords. Using conventions like your birthday, last name, address or similar is considered poor practice and leaves you and your business susceptible to salon security breaches.

To ensure that you and your employees choose passwords that are difficult to hack, SalonTarget requires a certain number of characters, special characters, numbers, and the like to be included in a chosen password for maximum security. Yes, it may be harder to remember, but it’s also far less likely to be hacked!

Auto Log Out

It is commonplace for today’s salons and spas to have some sort of computer or tablet at the front desk or even at each station. Our salon and spa clients log into SalonTarget on these devices for any number of reasons, from checking in or rebooking a client to cashing out and product purchases.

It’s easy to forget to log off, especially during a busy day with a full book.

To help keep client, employee, and business information safe, SalonTarget uses an “Auto Time Out” feature, which automatically logs a user out from the system after a certain amount of idle time.

Peace of Mind

The last thing any small business owner needs to deal with is a salon security breach or ransomware attack. Such events can cripple or even bankrupt a company.

Our suite of security features – when used correctly – were designed to provide you, your business and your clients with 24/7 protection against all forms of security threats and ensure that you and your employees are using the most up-to-date best practices.

Are you looking for a salon management and online booking solution that provides cutting edge security and protection against hackers? Get in touch today!

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