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Reviews of SalonTarget Salon Software and their Staff

Gregory’s Barbershop

The software has so many features it is hard to name just one. We are an upscale barbershop with two locations and salon target has helped us manage our walk-in and appointment business so much more efficiently. I would have to say because of the volume of people coming into the business at one time (men’s haircuts are much quicker) the automated confirmations and online bookings have made our front desk so much more efficient. Our checking in and out wait times are much shorter and the front desk staff has the time to greet the clients as soon as they walk in the door instead of being on the phone and making them wait. Our clients love the ability to book online as well as the text reminders. We have received many comments from our busy clientele that they do not have time to use the phone. In some cases we have had customers setting reminders for themselves to call when we open up first thing Monday morning to get an appointment time that is convenient for them before they fill up for the week. Our staff loves the ability to check their phone to view their appointment book, walk-in list, and sales. This cuts down on the amount of people congregating at the front desk. It also saves the front desk person from having to leave the desk to let the barbers to let them know they are needed. Lastly, our book keeping department loves the ability to login in to view all of the reports. This saves the front desk from having to print and fax nightly, weekly, and payroll reports.

Gregory Zorian III

La Bella Hair
Hi Anthony it’s Jen. I just wanted to say thank you for always taking my calls, letting me ask you questions that don’t even pertain to the software, and being a mentor to me in this business. I appreciate you, Annmarie, and David very much.

Jen LeBlanc – La Bella Hair

Garbos Salon, Nebraska

The best service I’ve received! I need to give a HUGE shout out to Anthony at SalonTarget! We were having issues with our DYMO printer and he was on the phone and troubleshooted for an hour to try to figure out the issue. He even took over our computer screen for me to try and figure it out. I really appreciated how caring and helpful Anthony was the entire time. He put a ton of effort into our business and made sure that we knew what to do going forward. Best customer service I’ve ever received. Period.

Carol Mueller – Garbos Salon

Tease Salon, Ohio

Dear Anthony, AnneMarie & Salon Target Staff,

First off let me just say, I am completely IN LOVE with the SalonTarget Software!!! You have seriously designed an amazing product that has made things so much easier for myself, our salon, our staff and our clients.

I opened Tease Salon back in April 2014 and used another well known salon software, which I had nothing but problems with since day one…the system itself, as well as the horrible customer service! I had to deal with tech support who just didn’t understand that it’s not cool (or fun) for your entire system to be down in the middle of a busy day with a salon full of clients waiting to check out and think nothing of leaving you on hold for 30 minutes or more and then sending your call directly to voice mail, leaving you frustrated, angry and wanting to literally throw the entire POS system out the window. There were many times where I couldn’t even process any transactions for days at a time because my system would be down and tech support was so slow at resolving issues… I wanted to cry! I went through 3 different POS systems with that company within 3 years and I was finally over it and them!

I did so much research trying to find a good software that would actually work the way it was supposed to and have responsive and dependable support when I needed it. I checked out every salon software out there, requested demos and spoke at length with numerous companies. It was so daunting, I never thought I would be able to find something that did everything that I needed a salon software to do.

I finally found SalonTarget. I reached out to them to inquire about possibly switching over. I happened to get Anthony when I called and he was so incredibly nice. He took so much time listening to me and explaining how SalonTarget worked, all it’s features and I was immediately sold!

They got me set up super fast. They sent me all the equipment I needed, and even transferred over my complete database of clients, services, inventory, and staff with NO PROBLEMS! I had about an hour of training over the phone and was up and running live that same day of training.

The software itself is super simple to use and easy to navigate. It makes booking and checking out clients a breeze. It has every report you could ever want, and it makes payroll fast and easy! Seriously, if you can possibly think of something you would need a salon software to do, they have already thought of it, and it does it already! It’s really amazing.

I wish I would have found them 4 years ago! They are ALWAYS available if I need help with anything at all, at ANY time and they are so unbelievably accommodating!

This software does absolutely everything! I seriously can not say how impressed I am with how well thought out it is. The developers and programmers that designed it are genius!!! I have never worked with such a great program before as SalonTarget.

If you own a salon, you REALLY NEED TO HAVE THIS in your salon. I am 100% confident you will LOVE IT as much as I do!!!

I am still stuck paying a monthly lease on my old equipment that is sitting at home in a box in my basement, but let me tell you, getting rid of them and getting SalonTarget in my salon was so worth it to me. That’s how much I love it!

Nancy Hartley – Owner, Tease Salon

Pixie Salon

We LOVE Salon Target! It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in salon software. Very intuitive and easy to use. We barely need to train new hires because it’s so simple to navigate. Customer service has always been there for us. We haven’t had one issue.
Kathleen Carroll, Owner

Salon en Vogue – Salon and Spa

Easy to learn, the system has many options that make it easier and more efficient to run my business.
Lisa Leite – Owner/Stylist

Simply Erinn’s Unisex Hair Salon

It’s pretty easy to use. It wasn’t too much to learn something new and the creators of the software are in the industry themselves!
Erinn Pearson, Owner/Stylist

QuickBeauty Salon

QuickBeauty Salon approached SalonTarget® in search of an all in one POS system. We were in the early stages of starting up our very own full service beauty salon. The process of starting a business from the ground up was very overwhelming. Kristin and Anthony brought us in and showed us everything the software could do. The software itself went above and beyond our specific requirements, so the decision to go with SalonTarget® was quite easy. In my opinion the software product was not the most important part of doing business with SalonTarget®. Kristin and Anthony have consulted us on every part of our business including but not limited to:
-Introduction to product distributors
-Website consultation
-Interior design
-Hiring best practices
SalonTarget® is not just a software company; they are a consulting service. They became a partner with us and have used their extensive experience to help us make the best decision for our business. Without Anthony and Kristin, starting our salon would have been a much more difficult task. It is nice to know we have the backing of experienced professionals.

Fred DeAngelo Owner, QuickBeauty Salon

Vivid Salon

Since we launched SalonTarget® in our salon back in March 2015, our pre-booking has jumped up 33%, to over 50% as a salon total. Guests are also spending less time at the reception desk than before SalonTarget®.

Mark and Kelly O’Day, Owners – Vivid Salon

Nicolo’s Salon

Kristin,  so sorry it took me so long to get this to you, I have been so busy with converting all my inventory, but I thank you for all you have done.  I really cant say enough about this software and if you ever need anyone to help or give advice to anyone thinking about changing, please let me know, I would be more than happy to help out.

I can not say enough about the transition and the way you handled our start up.  The software is so easy to use, I could not believe it.  I was blown away at how efficient and quick the transactions would work, through the cloud, ( as I was afraid of lag time with a cloud software).

You handled all of our concerns and then some for an easy transition.

The best part of SalonTarget for me is that is works!!!!.  It is very pleasing to the eye, it works for stylist, because everything is about looks for this industry.

Being the lead at the front desk, it also left me with no worries, that everyone would be able to understand how to make an appointment and see their schedule.

Last, but certainly not least, the customer service is by far Top Notch A++.  Whenever I call, I have never had to wait, the help I have received is always very friendly and kind, and always solved my problem with out any hesitation.  I was not aware that one problem I had she was already on my computer helping me to solve my issue.

Diane Castaldo  / Nicolo’s Salon

Spectra Salon & Spa

I am writing to tell you how excited we are here at Spectra Salon & Spa with the new SalonTarget® cloud based management software system. We have used Hairmax for many years and found moving from Hairmax to SalonTarget® to be an easy transition. The dashboard driven system is intuitive, easy to use and at a glance can connect us to clients, services, gift cards, employees, payroll, inventory and reports.

SalonTarget® allows us to launch email marketing opportunities, online booking (genuinely loved by customers actively using this feature), automatic confirmations and easy re-booking from client history.

As the Business Director at Spectra I love the fact that I can comprehensively train a new Salon Coordinator or new employee on the entire dashboard system in the backroom in a classroom setting. This feature allows the training to be thorough, individualized and specific. The fact that I can train an employee away from the front desk, providing a more quality experience, without interruptions and distractions that working in a busy salon often generates, is fantastic!

A key feature of the SalonTarget® software is the integration of the Blue Fin Credit Card payment system. Credit cards are swiped and receipts are rapidly generated which provides a speedier checkout experience for the customer. SalonTarget® can also produce printed appointment cards which affords a take-away, value-added service for a customer.

Another benefit of the cloud based service is that the entire staff can view their schedule from home or the backroom using a smart phone, tablet or computer/laptop. As a manager, I can easily research sales, booked appointments, employee productivity and stay current moment-to-moment with all dashboard functions.

In conclusion, the support and training from SalonTarget® has been outstanding. Anthony has been available “24X7 ” and is always quick to respond to questions. We are very happy with our investment in SalonTarget® and highly recommend the software system to any salon owner who wishes to actively grow and enhance their business!

Lois Maatheson, Business Director
Spectra Salon & Spa

Compulsive Salon

Dear Anthony,
On behalf of the customers and staff of Compulsive Salon, we would just like to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with the SalonTarget® system. Our salon has improved tremendously from the sales of products, to how efficiently the it runs, & to the significant decline of no-shows we get with the automated text or email reminders that our customers receive. Getting clients to rebook directly from their chairs on the touch screens has increased our overall sales by at least 35%. We love all the recent upgrades that the system is continuously adding and couldn’t be happier with the technical support you provide as well. Looking forward to a lifetime business relationship, you truly have been a man of your word!

Eli DesRoches
Compulsive Salon President

Sacarrha Salon

Getting SalonTarget® for my salon was one of the best things I could have done for my business. I’ve been with SalonTarget® since March 2015 and it has grown my business tremendously. As a salon owner and full time stylist behind the chair, I never had the time for my business. With having all the latest technology SalonTarget® has given me all the tools to help run my salon more professionally and efficiently. This software has taken the stress off me and has made me a better salon owner and my life so much easier. My staff has been so motivated and have grown so much since getting SalonTarget®. Our salon has been getting so many new guests coming into the salon with the online exposure from customer reviews through the software and with the online appointment booking. Clients love the technology and the convenience of what this software offers. I could not be more happy, Thank you SalonTarget®.

Heather Carr
Owner of Sacarrha Salon

Michael Thomas

Since my first interaction with Anthony from SalonTarget® I was impressed! He is so professional, so down to earth and very funny!!! When we  got to meet Annemarie & Anthony…… we were all blown away!!!! What an awesome team!! Just incredible people, so knowledgeable and kind,  and they “get it”!!! What we go through on a daily basis with clients, scheduling, the struggles and time management issues…. They understood it ALL!!! They own a salon, work with clients, they are in the industry so they KNOW what salons need. What employees want, what owners want and the seamless integration with SalonTarget® was hands down OUTSTANDING!!! I have worked with other software companies, I have TRIED to work with other well known brands as well, everything was too complicated, too frustrating, and extremely overwhelming.

This has been hands down….. the most fun, exciting, and motivating experience to change over our software. To be more efficient, more effective, and to offer an even better client experience, which is always our number one goal!!!

Thank you Annemarie and Anthony for creating a superior product and exceeding all of our expectations!!! Salon Target has already begun to change our industry!!! We are so honored to have the opportunity to work with you.

My Very Best,
Keri Levesque and the Michael Thomas Team!!!

Waterstone Salon
I love SalonTarget®, it’s amazing!! Also I feel like after you and Anne Marie installed it something magical is happening…. I haven’t been able to see and feel and remember why I created my salon and where I wanted to take the team and what that looked like. I had the hardest meeting with one of my young stylists that’s been with me for a long time last night she wanted to be a booth renter out of frustration and a lot of miscommunication. We laid it all out on the table and cried and laughed and I remembered where I started with her and Water Stone.

I guess what I am saying is thank you and Annemarie so very much from my heart to yours for what you created and the magic that lies in between all of it. I look forward to learning from you both so much to grow into the leader and team and salon I’ve dreamt of becoming.

Thank You!!!

Mariposa Salon

I just wanted to say Thank You to both of you! We’ve just had our biggest month and its thanks to you guys, our mentors and our friends!

Love you both!
Brenda, Owner, Mariposa Salon – New Orleans, LA

Metro Salon
Good morning I am pleased to leave this review for Kristen. I find her to be the most professional, smart, and confident. In this way she helps you set up this new system. More companies in this world should have a Kristen ! delighted with her service
Metro Salon

I am in the process of starting a business which we all know is both exciting and very stressful. My husband and I have been working with Kristen to set up your booking system and she has been a Godsend. Kristen is extremely knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. She has gone above and beyond throughout this process. I wish I could find an employee as dedicated as she is.
Thank you,

Metro Salon

Salon Atelier
Hello, I had an appointment for going over some things on Salon target with Kristen Lewis and I just have to say AMAZING! she’s helped me a quite a few times before and I just wanted to say a big thank you!! Kristen is always and the rest of the people that I have dealt with kind and helpful always! I really appreciate the support besides much needed at times for some of us that are computer challenged:) A 5++ star ⭐️
Thank you,
Lisa Daly
owner of Salon Atelier

Inde Salon and Skin Care
Lola Beauty Boutique

Kristin and SalonTarget make life so much easier!! The support they give me, as a salon owner is invaluable. The new 2 way texting is great. I appreciate how salon target is consistently trying to solve issues salons deal with. We are constantly having to evolve and SalonTarget is helping us keep up.
Thank you!!!
Hillary Deshler
Inde Salon and Skin Care
Lola Beauty Boutique

Jessabella Salon and Spa
We have had three meetings with Kristin, and each meeting Kristen has taught us more than we could imagine. Her knowledge in all aspects like Google, Facebook, Instagram and of course Salon Target is unmatched and incredibly helpful. She explains things so we can understand them. She’s funny, sweet and sincere. We can’t wait to meet and learn from her again!

Thank you,
Jessica Rubeira, Owner
Jessabella Salon and Spa

Stepping Out on Main
I had the opportunity to work with Kristin today in which she helped me with marketing my salon through text.
She made it seem simple and Salon Target gave many samples that you could use for marketing different aspects of my business. I’m very grateful to her especially since Covid has definitely affected us.

Jackie Pikulski, Stepping Out on Main

Total Hair
Just got finished with Kristin and let you the young lady is passionate about what she does. Thoroughly enjoyed talking and learning from her. We look forward to many more conversations with her as we grow our business in these unsettling times. Steve thank you for doing this. It continues to make this software priceless.
Chuck Powell, Total Hair