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Texting From the Queue – Staying One Step Ahead of COVID19 Reopen Guidelines

“What the heck is the ‘Queue’?”

If you’re unfamiliar with SalonTarget software, you’re probably asking that question. The Queue is a feature within our salon management software that gives you an at-a-glance look at the day’s appointments – the time, client, service, and employee.

SalonTarget’s Queue shows the day’s line up of appointments.

Our Queue goes hand-in-hand with the digital Appointment Book feature, which is a more traditional way of looking at the day’s schedule.

Unlike a physical appointment book, our Queue and digital Appointment Book do more than tell you the client, the service, and their phone number.

A lot more.

We’ll spare you the full feature list and focus on one very important feature that we’re highlighting as our salon and spa clients start to prepare for re-opening.

Adapting to the new normal

Here’s the situation:

We’re going to have to adapt to some new normals. Primarily we do this to adhere to all guidelines past down to us by our states.

But we also need to be thinking about making our customers feel safe.

You see, just because your state is letting salons and spas re-open does not necessarily mean clients will come flooding back.

Many are still scared. Rightly so.

So as salons and spas we need to reassure them that their experience will be low on risk and high – super high – on safety and precautions.

One of the expected new normals is no more packed waiting rooms. We can’t have five or six people milling about, touching magazines, chairs, etc., waiting for their service.

The alternative is to have them wait in their cars until it’s their turn to come in.

This is where Texting From the Queue comes in.

Not only does the Queue give you and your stylists quick access to the next client, it also allows for instant communication with that client via text messaging.

How Text From the Queue works

Here’s the scenario:

Client arrives 5 minutes before appointment and stays in her car, per instructions.

Client receives a text message notification from the salon (via SalonTarget): “Wrapping up with a client. Just a few minutes. We’ll text you as soon as we’re ready!

As soon as the previous client leaves and the chair has been sufficiently sanitized in accordance with state guidelines, the stylist/receptionist/manager sends another text to the client waiting in her car, using SalonTarget’s Text From the Queue feature:

“All set! Thanks for your patience. Come on in!”

Easy. Convenient. Reassuring.

The last thing you want is a client sitting in their car, wondering what to do next. 

Or worse, walking into the salon and getting told to leave and go back to their car. Yikes!

We feel for each and every salon and spa that has been forced to close during this pandemic. 

At the same time, we are very excited to be providing the tools for salons and spas to re-open safely and to reassure their clients that they are in the best of hands.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Texting From the Queue feature, get in touch today to tell us more about yourself, your business, and your needs.

Stay safe, stay strong!

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