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Back From the Dead – Using Client Resurrection and Customer Retention to Increase Salon Revenue

Did you know acquiring a new client costs five to 25 times as much as retaining an existing one? And that 20 percent of your clients earn you 80 percent of your revenue (often called the 80/20 rule)?

Now that you know, what are you going to do about?

The simple answer is: retain more clients.

If only the salon industry was that simple.

It happens all the time in salons all across the country. Clients disappear. They drop off the map. Or simply vanish. Did they move? Did they find a new salon? Have they given up basic hygiene and good grooming habits?

Who knows? All you know is you haven’t heard from them in a while. For all you know, they could be dead.

Sounds morbid, but it’s true. And it’s why we built a feature in our SalonTarget software called Client Resurrection.

We’re bringing clients back from the dead.

Look, if you don’t have some system in your salon to, a) store client information in a database, and b) stay in touch digitally with those clients, then you are going lose clients. Period. And the worst part is, you may have done everything right, and you’ll still lose them. Your service may have been the best they ever had, your prices could be just right. You will lose them anyway.


SalonTarget customer retention

Here’s how Client Resurrection works. All your clients are stored as contacts within your cloud-based SalonTarget service. It tracks their appointments, logs their services and preferences, and allows you to reach them with marketing and promotional emails.

When a client hasn’t booked an appointment in a while, SalonTarget sends him/her an email reminder to schedule one. Still no response? The system will send another.

That’s it. That’s all it takes. In this busy, no-pause, distracting world of ours, sometimes all it takes a gentle nudge to come back. There are going to be those clients who need it. That’s just the way they are.

The best part of the Client Resurrection system is that it’s fully customizable. As the salon owner/manager YOU get to choose how long the system waits before sending that first reminder email. YOU get to choose what that email says. Personalize it. Brand it. Make it authentically you and your salon.

What is customer retention worth to you?

Here’s another stat for you: A five percent increase in customer retention can yield profit increases of 25 to 95 percent.

I’ve used it at my salon and it has increase monthly revenue in the thousands. Yes, you read that right.

The point is, this single SalonTarget feature can more than pay for itself almost immediately. You owe it to yourself implement Client Resurrection at your salon to start retaining that hard-earned business.

Want to learn more about SalonTarget’s built-in customer retention features? Get in touch to schedule a Free, No-Obligation Demo today!

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