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More Than Just Salon Software

We talk to a LOT of salon and spa owners and managers. Some are looking for their first management and online booking software, but most are looking to level up from the one they’re already using. It’s a competitive space and there are plenty of options. The most frequently-asked question by these prospective clients is: “What makes you different from all the rest?” It’s a great question. Maybe the most important one. Our short answer: We are more than just a software company!
Anthony Masciarelli
Co-Founder Anthony Masciarelli presenting to a room of salon and spa professionals.
Our longer answer: When you sign with SalonTarget, yes, you are getting an industry-leading salon management and online booking software. More importantly, you are getting a salon consulting team with decades of experience in the salon and spa industry. “Built by salon owners” is not a throwaway marketing line. It IS what separates us from the others.

Our salon consulting platform is unique as it was born out of the love we have for our fellow stylists and owners along with a love of the salon business as a whole.


It was simple and almost organic. As the company grew in numbers so did the phone calls, but funny thing – the majority of the phone calls were never about our software. It was more like a panicked salon owner who needed to vent, a salon manager wondering how to motivate the staff, an owner wondering how, after 5 years, to implement a service charge, or his/her anxiety over finding new hires.

It was payroll questions.

“Is my rent too high?”

“Is my commission structured correctly?”

“I don’t have the time to train my staff…”

And so on. You get it. You’re in the business. You know how many details add up.
The SalonTarget Team – ready to hop into the trenches with you!

Let’s face it: wouldn’t you want someone who was in the trenches with you, who will admit to making the same mistakes but share how to correct them? One who could then teach you how to implement the necessary fix with the right tools?

It would be far easier to sign a new salon or spa with SalonTarget and just give them the tools. But we don’t just give them to you. We stand beside you (literally) and show you how to use them.

We truly believe the ones qualified enough to consult are the ones who have actually tried and tested techniques and policies designed to grow, fix, or just run your business more confidently and efficiently and continue to use those policies today!

That’s what SalonTarget’s salon consulting offers. Real people who are in it, every day, and who will teach you how to win it.

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