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Beyond the Software – Articles and musings on owning a salon, salon management, current trends to watch and styles we love. Insightful posts on growing your salon or spa business in today’s ever-changing industry from thought leaders in the field.

4 Re-Open Ready Features for Salons and Spas

We’re thrilled to see so many salons and spas opening back up for business, or preparing to. This has been the biggest challenge our industry has ever faced. Hands down. Now the hard work really begins. For most of you, re-opening comes with strings attached. Those strings are whatever guidelines your state has put in place to keep you, your employees, and your clients as safe as possible. Some of those guidelines also require your salon to keep and submit accurate records of clients and cleanings in order to stay compliant and remain open. It’s

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text from car

Texting From the Queue – Staying One Step Ahead of COVID19 Reopen Guidelines

“What the heck is the ‘Queue’?” If you’re unfamiliar with SalonTarget software, you’re probably asking that question. The Queue is a feature within our salon management software that gives you an at-a-glance look at the day’s appointments – the time, client, service, and employee. Our Queue goes hand-in-hand with the digital Appointment Book feature, which is a more traditional way of looking at the day’s schedule. Unlike a physical appointment book, our Queue and digital Appointment Book do more than tell you the client, the service, and their phone number. A lot more. We’ll spare

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salon transaction

Contactless Checkout: Reassuring Clients in the Era of COVID19

As hope grows that the nation is close to rolling re-opens, we salons and spas have to start preparing now for an anticipated “new normal.” We are an industry heavy in physical contact. We need to reassure clients and guests that we are doing everything in our power to provide a clean, sanitized, and safe environment for them. Of course it will not be possible to avoid all physical contact. Hands have to touch hair, faces, nails. Gloves will likely be a given. Hand washing will increase. There are other ways that physical contact and

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Calm in the Face of Crisis: Making it Through the Coronavirus

In these times of uncertainty, we wanted to reach out and reassure you of some certainties, and to remind you that we’re all in this together. The Coronavirus situation is already hitting small businesses like yours – we know because we are also salon owners. This is a time to come together, to strengthen the bonds of community, and to rise to the challenge. We take our commitment to you seriously. We are here for you. In that spirit, here are a few helpful reminders and resources as you navigate the days ahead: SalonTarget exists

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customer retention

5 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

Small business owners know firsthand that it’s easier to keep a customer than win a new one. The best salons aren’t just small businesses—they’re local institutions with a dedicated membership. But just because you’re getting some foot traffic through the door, doesn’t mean your work is over. Especially in the beauty industry, customers expect unique, high-touch service from their salon. At the same time, research shows that getting a customer to come back to you again and again—aka salon customer retention—is both an art and a science. And it works in mysterious ways. For example,

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Next Level 2019

Visit SalonTarget at Next Level 2019

Calling all New England salon & spa professionals! Next Level 2019 is just around the corner and tickets are going fast. SalonTarget will be there – will you? What is Next Level? Next Level is New England’s premier industry show, put on by Masello Salon Services of New England, a fourth generation family-owned business based in Rhode Island that dates back to the 1920s. This event is not to be missed. They’ll have demos, panels, product releases, and a head-turning roster of guest artists who will educate and entertain throughout the day. PLUS there will

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Two women consulting.
performance reviews

The Importance of Performance Reviews in your Salon or Spa

When was the last time you had a performance review? Last month? Last quarter? Last year? (If you say “I’ve never had a performance review,” you are exactly where you need to be right now: reading this post.) Performance reviews are pretty standard fare in the corporate world. From a high level, it’s a meeting between a manager and an employee to discuss, well, performance. Exactly what “performance” means will vary from industry to industry, and, of course, from workplace to workplace. The most important thing to know about a performance review is that it

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Jesamondo salon staff
salon management

Salon Success, the Jesamondo Way: Community Action, Apprenticeships, and At-The-Chair Check Out

When Matt Traiger took over at Jesamondo Salon & Spa in 2014, he stepped into a business with a bit of history. The previous owner had been there 35 years, with employees on the books who had been there for decades – some as many as 30 years. What started as a modest Wellesley, Massachusetts operation in 1980 with a handful of stylists is now a behemoth in the greater Natick community. Today Jesamondo boasts 20 chairs, 33 employees, and a thriving full service salon and spa atmosphere. Much of Jesamondo’s salon success can be

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