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Beyond the Software – Articles and musings on owning a salon, salon management, current trends to watch and styles we love. Insightful posts on growing your salon or spa business in today’s ever-changing industry from thought leaders in the field.

3 Ways to Attract Salon Clients Online

The salon industry and salon marketing has gone digital whether you like it or not. I’ve worked with many a salon “stuck” in the old school way of doing things: appointment book, newspaper ads, direct mail. There are still salons out there operating without a website. Look, if you’re an old-school salon owner and business is bouncing, more power to you. There’s no substitute for good service and word of mouth. But the winds of change are blowing, and as the clientele gets younger (or we salon owners get older) the WAY prospective clients find

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What’s Your Salon Culture? What We Learned From Kelly and Mark O’Day of Vivid Salon

Like many salon owners, Kelly O’Day jumped into salon ownership only after putting in years behind the chair as a stylist. “I worked at a few salons but reached a point where there was nowhere else to grow,” says O’Day. Hers was an early entry into the industry. O’Day attended a technical high school – by age 17 she had amassed 1000 hours and by her senior year she had earn her license. She tried the college route but found herself drawn back to the work behind the chair before committing to a career in

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5 Myths of Salon Software

Change is not easy. I’ve been in this industry for over two decades, and I’ve seen plenty of change. I’ve seen new styles, new products, new technologies, and I’ve seen many of those rejected outright by successful salons. “We’re doing just fine,” they’d say. Many of those salons aren’t around anymore. What is they say? Adapt or die? The introduction of salon software to our industry was game changing. To put our whole system into the cloud and make it accessible from any device, any time is truly revolutionary. And yet many resist. They like

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Client List

Client Dashboard This page displays is your list of clients. This is typically used to search or sort your clients. From this page you can also Merge (#1) duplicate clients or add a New Client (#2).

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owning a salon

She Did It Her Way: Nancy Hartley’s Road to Salon Ownership

After 20+ years of working in numerous salons for a variety of salon owners, Nancy Hartley (pictured above, fifth from the left) felt she had a clear picture of how not to run a salon. “I was disillusioned,” she says. “I wasn’t happy with how things were being run. There was too much drama. Too many owners and managers didn’t know the salon industry. They might know business, but they didn’t understand the salon business.” After a brief haitus from salon work, in 2014 Hartley’s husband convinced her to take the massive leap into salon

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Water Stone Hair Studio store front
on the spot

Success on the Seacoast: Water Stone Hair Studio & Spa

As a salon owner, Jessica Ahlquist knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity. The 2007 purchase of what is now Water Stone Hair and Spa immediately went to litigation when Ahlquist discovered the previous owner had sold her a bill of goods. Then the 2008 recession hit. Four years later she lost an employee to a rare heart condition, and shortly after that she suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash. “I had to re-learn how to walk and talk,” says Ahlquist. Owning a salon, it turns out, is anything but easy.

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Two people discussing a project using a tablet

New Year Salon Marketing Ideas for January & February

New Year Salon Marketing Ideas for January & February Originally posted on Lockhart-Meyer.co.uk © 2017 Lockhart-Meyer Your Christmas marketing should be underway, take this opportunity to stay ahead of the game and prepare for the new year before it’s here! January and February are traditionally tough months for hair salons, aesthetic clinics and beauty spas with clients tightening their belts after the frenzied Christmas spend. How you boost your New Year bookings depends, to a large extent, on the type of treatments and services you offer. Read More Read the original article on Lockhart-Meyer.co.uk

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Gift card and tea
salon marketing

3 Reasons to Offer Gift Cards at Your Salon

It is officially gift card season. If you’re not offering them at your salon, you’re missing out. The gift card industry is expected to reach $160 billion by 2018 and every salon owner needs to be asking themselves “how do I get a piece of that?” Before I answer that question, here’s a quick hit list on why salon gift cards are a no-brainer: 1 | Convenience = Sales 93 percent of Americans have either given or used a gift card. Why? They are the ultimate in convenience. Gift giving is stressful and oftentimes challenging.

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